This Ground on Which We Stand

Many years ago, I began my career as a young teacher in the state of Mississippi, daring to dream of educational reform and social justice for people beleaguered by a host of poverties, as I once had been. There, at a conference on the Southern Civil Rights movement, a larger-than-life veteran of that era stood one day to address a group of us, like-minded educators. With a sense of urgency and passion I’ll never forget, his voice quivered as he leaned in, scanning the room and searching our eyes…Read More

The Mission

The mission of Steps Beyond Remediation, Inc. is to address equity issues of access and success in higher education by offering...

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The Vision

The vision of Steps Beyond Remediation, Inc.is to work harmoniously and in partnership with communities of faith and justice who recognize...

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Our Core Values & Guiding Principles

We respect and affirm the dignity of the individual. Through the vehicle of education and academic engagement, particularly in the humanities,...

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