Women of Valor (WOV) Lifestyle Coaching and Mentoring is a remote AND local initiative designed for young ladies ages 17 – 37 who understand their innate value and desire to walk in:Beauty, Intelligence, Strength, and Integrity.

There are many ways to “make it” in the world. Let us show you a more excellent way.

WOV is based on the “Queen Esther” model. It is a collectivistic model designed to counter today’s hedonistic culture.

Sell out…or a more excellent way.
Train yourself how to “walk the talk” of integrity.
Consider how far you might soar, if you could only spread your wings.

Get ready to enlarge your territory. This is the Queen Esther Model.
This is Women of Valor!

Typical Digital & Local Agendas:

  • monthly ”soul” Saturday sessions
  • guest motivational speakers
  • leaders and experts in their fields
  • ongoing academic and career advice/mentoring
  • sisterhood and ongoing lifestyle coaching
  • music, dance, “spa days” and more!

Please email Dr. Pamela Tolbert-Bynum Rivers at [email protected] for the spring cohort (January 2022). All events are free and will culminate in a Rites of Passage ceremony!


Special Projects: Extending the Grip of Excellence

a.The Steps Beyond Remediation TRANSFORMATION annual conference

b. “Transitions” Workshops are digital webinars that focus on the habits of successful, mature students of color and low-income students; the factors that encourage agency, self-love and efficacy; the importance of faith, culture, family, community; and other values critical to personal success.

c. College 101: The Complete to Compete Agenda

These resources are geared towards low-income adult students of color, mature first-generation college students, and others unfamiliar with the higher education landscape. Primarily offered on the Steps Beyond Remediation website, through mediums such as podcasts, blogs, and e-books, they are intended to address the full spectrum of skills, knowledge, and behaviors that are critical to success, including:

  • The development of social and cultural capital;
  • Noncognitive and cognitive factors; and
  • The unwritten rules of corporate culture and protocol;

d. Failure is NOT an Option: The College Success Boot Camp Agenda

  • Remedial courses – what they are and how to avoid them
  • Time management & Relationship Building
  • Soft skills: communication, presentation, self-discipline