Pamela Tolbert-Bynum Rivers, Ed.D.                                                                                

Dr. Pamela Tolbert-Bynum Rivers is the founder and president of Steps Beyond Remediation, Inc.

Dr. Tolbert-Bynum Rivers received her doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University in Adult Learning and Leadership, with partial funding support from the Spencer Foundation Research Training Grant. She also possesses a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Brown University, a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Regent University, and a Master of Education degree in English from Mississippi College. Moreover, she completed post-doctoral studies with the Community College Leadership program at the University of Texas. Her research interests are nontraditional adult students of color and low-income adult learners’ college persistence rates, postsecondary education access, and post-secondary success factors for marginalized students.

As a first-generation college graduate with a keen sensitivity toward issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion, Dr. Tolbert-Bynum Rivers has studied the gaps in student outcomes based on factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status for over a decade. To do her part in countering this problem, and fostering a system-wide culture of care, civility, academic excellence, and inclusion, she conceived of the non-profit Steps Beyond Remediation, Inc. and authored Capture My Heart, Educate My Soul: a training and reflection manual for faculty of developmental English students and faculty teaching “gatekeeper” courses, with the intent of educating and supporting faculty, concerned administrators, students, and laymen. Additionally, she has conducted Capture My Heart seminars for faculty and administrators throughout the country.