Always Take the High Road…Always. There are No Options

“Always take the moral high road. Always. There are no options. Don’t let anyone rob you of your humanity and basic dignity.”

I can sit here and tell you all manner of fiction around what it means to be an African-American professional in this country or, as in my case, in institutions of higher education. I can dress conservatively – or not – in suitable, professional attire; I can style my hair in its natural state or add extensions and various chemicals; and I can “race-talk” with the best of them – speaking forth all of the appropriate, feel-good racial platitudes.

But this is the reality.

In assessing anyone – me, your aunt, your best friend – always concern yourself with what she does, not what she says. Concern yourself with what’s in an individual’s head, not what’s on it; pay careful attention to how people choose to clothe their inner man/woman, not the outer, because the inner man/woman always triumphs in the end. It will not be disadvantaged.